Welcome to Channels of Health

Do you sometimes think that healthcare providers are talking past you? Don’t have enough time to answer all of your questions? Are you frustrated trying to get answers to your concerns
for your family’s health?

Join us on Channels of Health. An exciting new podcast that brings together a wide variety of healthcare professionals and research with families and patients. We deeply respect the
journey you are already on. Let’s climb out of the silos and engage in a human approach to health.

This is your chance to be part of the solution. Be Your Own Health Advocate!

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Latest Episodes

Callie Jenevein Diamonstein – Genetic Counselor

The ABCs of genetics and the relation to psychological counseling around medical conditions.   We explore its role in research ethics and testing ethics, what do we know and...

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Joe Collins – Resilience Training

The pandemic has shown the world how much we need to develop greater resilience. Joe Collins is a retired Police Sheriff who now spends his time and considerable insight...

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Erin Prendergast BSN, RN, CBCN – Oncology Nurse Navigator

Erin Prendergast is a Certified Breast Cancer Navigator. Join us as she explains what is needed when you or someone you love is diagnosed with breast cancer. She explains...

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Michael Lutter MD, PhD – Genetics and Psychiatric Diseases

Patti and Damian talk genetics and psychiatric diseases with Dr. Lutter.  Risks for heritable illnesses in families and what the research on gene mutations is showing us are discussed. Dr....

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Kimberly Dennis, MD – Treatment and Recovery

Dr. Dennis speaks with Patti and Damian about her treatment center, SunCloud Health and the innovative approaches to substance use disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders and related trauma  as...

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Betty Murray – Integrative and Functional Nutrition

Betty Murray is a Nutritionist & Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner Specializing in Autoimmune, Digestive Disorders & Complex Health Issues and co-founder of Living Well Dallas, LLC. She...

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